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Around 10 years ago in an ice dance workshop, after taking a break from navigating a difficult turn, I looked down at the tracings my blade marked across the ice and a thought took hold: I am as comfortable moving in skates as I am on solid ground.

For some of us, no matter how old, the desire to spin and jump and dance on a 5/8-inch hollow on a stainless-steel blade, takes hold of our souls, and pushes our days forward.

Figure skating, most especially ice dancing, has been a big part of my life for a long time now. Pushing onto a back edge in unison with a dance partner; leaning onto the quickness of a perfect turn; mastering a challenging pattern dance.

A few years ago, when the pandemic hit and rinks closed for months, I needed to connect back to skating in a meaningful way. I began the process to be a test judge for U.S. Figure Skating. Now, I have my Bronze appointment and I’m working on the next level up.

Many of my mornings start on the ice, and without this time, without this effort, I couldn’t write a single word.

This story on adult skaters for WaPo from a few years ago tells a bit about why adult skaters lace up their boots and take this journey with me.