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I’ve covered a lot of issues over the years: placebos, infections, home genetic testing, vaccines, and more. These are a few selected favorites.







One of my all-time favorites is the story Lights Camera Infection that I did for Nature, where I peered into the eyepiece of a double photon microscope and watched an infection in real time: 

Here are some of my other favorites:

Imagination Medicine (Science News)

For Some, Genetic Counseling Is a Lifelong Necessity (Cure Today)

Debt Crisis: Coping with Cancer’s Financial Aftermath (Cure Today)

Keeping Pneumonia’s Vaccines Effective (Chemistry & Biology)

Coughing? Can I See Your DNA, Please? (ScientificAmerican.com)

Home Genetic Testing (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Aging Joints Lend Clues to the Biology of Osteoarthritis (Arthritis Today)


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