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Hello from Wentzville, Missouri, which is a big town (or a small city) about 45 minutes west of St. Louis. Journalism is a second act for me. I spent many years in the research lab chasing bone cells through their workday, and figuring how what happens after they turn rogue.

My favorite stories cover genetics, cancer, osteoarthritis, and aging.  I was chosen for a 2013 reporting fellowship from the Association of Health Care Journalists. During my fellowship year, I wrote about how healthcare is delivered in the United State through the lens of access to genetic testing, counseling, and follow-up care, a subject I will continue to pursue.

I also co-founded and co-edit The Open Notebook, a craft-focused site for science writers.


  1. Hi. I just wanted to say how great your article on ice-skating was in the Washington Post. It’s closed for comments, so I couldn’t comment there. Thank you!

  2. Jeanne,
    Don’t have your e-dress, so using this to reach you.

    I am and have always have been (well, except for a 2 1/2 year stint at Cleveland Jewish News and a year at a local history mag) a freelancer writer. And I’m a social historian (that’s what the MA is in) so I track “trends.”

    My guess (from looking at the increasing number of new members who are starting out covering hc as freelancers) is that more and more members will come to health care writing without the deep industry backgrounds (at papers, trade publications, etc.) that previous generations of hc journos have brought with them..

    That (not having the deep industry background) is not a bad thing: for what I do (consumer/service journalism), I think I do a great job as a journalist/writer.

    Please, if possible, address that issue/situation (writing about/covering hc without having a traditional journalist’s background) in the program you.

    See you at the conf (where…grin…I’m on a panel about how to survive as a freelancer–my two top tips: find YOUR niche (me….geri/aging/caregiver issues) and cultivate resources (aka experts).

    Be well, Eileen

  3. What college did u go to?

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